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2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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Feb 14, 2024

WRICH race 2023
Photo: World Rowing / Benedict Tufnell

We've been talking about the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH), presented by Concept2, for a long time, and now it's finally (well, almost!) here. WRICH will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, February 23–24, and competitors will be joining the action both in person and virtually in real time.

WRICH is the official world championships of indoor rowing. The event visits a new iconic city each year, showcasing a truly international discipline, and the best rowers from all corners of the globe. The two days will be action packed with individual races at the 2000m and 500m distances, team 2000m relay races, para categories, and the return of the Versa Challenge.

The Versa challenge is a competition made up of multiple events that will be showcased at the race venue in Prague. It was created to offer a unique competition opportunity that will test all the skills required of indoor rowing athletes with new and unfamiliar race formats. The aim is to introduce an element of uncertainty and variability, with race formats that may not be known in advance, and that require tactics and a range of physical skills. It promises to be exciting for spectators and competitors. Ten men and ten women will compete to be crowned World Rowing Versa Champion.

"As we eagerly anticipate the forthcoming World Rowing Indoor Championships presented by Concept2, we are thrilled to witness the growing enthusiasm within our global Rowing community," adds World Rowing President Jean-Christophe Rolland. "Connected by our shared passion for fitness and propelled by the innovative technology of Concept2, this event embodies the ageless appeal of Indoor Rowing. In this digital age, where connectivity transcends boundaries, we celebrate the low-impact, high-reward benefits that this exciting discipline brings to individuals of all ages. And the second edition of the World Rowing Versa Challenge promises some engaging, thrilling and fast-paced races in Prague, to crown the best of the best in Indoor Rowing."
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Athletes from over 50 different countries will be competing over the 2000m and 500m race distances, as well as in the other events. There are more than 1400 athletes registered to compete on the ground in Prague.

The entire championship will be broadcast online, starting from 3 a.m. ET on Friday, February 23. Check it out!

For all of you who may have aspirations to compete at the World Rowing Indoor Championships in 2025, you can win a free trip and witness the thrill, passion and power of indoor rowing at its finest! World Rowing is excited to announce the launch of “#MyErgRoom” contest. Simply follow @worldrowingofficial on Instagram and post a photo or video of your favorite erg rowing location using #MyErgRoom. Share what makes your erg space unique and inspiring, and tag @worldrowingofficial in the photo/video and set a location.

The contest is on now and ends on February 24, 2024. Complete details here.

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