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Join Us for the 2024 BikeErg World Sprints

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Mai 08, 2024

men and woman on bikeerg   The Concept2 BikeErg World Sprints are back this year and set to take place July 10–14, 2024! This is a virtual race that can take place anywhere in the world. All you need is a BikeErg to participate. This year, clubs and gyms that enter results for 20 or more members will be entered into a raffle for a FREE BikeErg. (Void where prohibited)

What are the BikeErg World Sprints?

Simply complete a single workout of exactly 1000 meters on the Concept2 BikeErg, July 10–14. This can be done at home, at the gym, or at a club or school. Be sure to use our free app ErgData for automatic upload of your results, or submit your results manually to the Concept2 Online Logbook by July 15, 21:00 GMT (17:00 EST).

If you wish to host BikeErg Sprints event and encourage your members to participate for your change to win a free BikeErg, see the BikeErg Sprints challenge page for more details. There are eight different age categories for men and women. All are encouraged to participate!

Bikeerg sprints in gym

Tools to Prepare for the BikeErg World Sprints

Follow our BikeErg World Sprints 8-week training plan and feel prepared and ready to go come July! We just made it that much easier to follow with self-programming ErgData workouts, too!

Use our pace calculator to train, and know exactly what your goal tempo should be for your effort.

Get Your BikeErg Ready

Be sure to calibrate your BikeErg before the effort if your Performance Monitor (PM5) asks you to. If the calibration is not verified before the effort, it will not count.

adjusting bikeerg seat

Adjust your BikeErg fit to best suit you. Follow our fit guide for adjusting the handlebars and saddle to your liking.

Use ErgData to seamlessly upload your results to the Online Logbook. Be sure to complete your effort between July 10–14 for it to count.

Program your monitor for a single 1000-meter effort. It’s simple and easy to do! From the Main Menu go to: Select Workout > New Workout > Single Distance > and then set the distance to 1000 meters. If the effort is anything less or more than 1000m, it will be ineligible to be counted towards the BikeErg World Sprints.

Most importantly, have fun! Challenge yourself to go after a new PR and see where you stack up against others around the world.

Consult a physician before performing any exercise program. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise, including the programs involved in this challenge, you assume the risk of any resulting injury.

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