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Working Out at Home: Still At It, One Year Later

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Apr 26, 2021

"Founded on sport, driven by community."

Never has this statement been truer than during the past year. When everything starting shutting down just over a year ago and we collectively realized how important home fitness would be, the team at Concept2 worked quickly to gather resources to help our community connect with others, and stay motivated, active and fit.

As usual, the global Concept2 community inspired us with creativity. At Concept2, we're proud to provide the equipment and the Performance Monitors (PM5s) that allow everyone to connect. Our community provides the inspiration and creativity to keep each other going. Here are some of the key ways we’ve seen people join together to keep rowing, skiing and riding with Concept2 during the pandemic.

Working Out Together, Apart

Some people just really want to work out with other people, even if they can’t be in the same room. 

  • Zoom Ergos gives you the chance to row with other people over Zoom, following a workout session hosted by world-class athletes and coaches. No leaderboard, no scores shared…just the camaraderie of doing your workout alongside others.
  • UCanRow2 Master Instructors offer live online coaching and classes throughout the week. Find classes at all levels and not only get in a sweat, but learn how to carry it forward into your next row.
  • SCULLHOUSE Rowing offers live and on demand virtual classes led by a former Canadian National Team athlete and current Concept2 world record holder in the 24-hour event.  Use "concept2free" at checkout to get your first class free. 
  • Call a friend! We know people of all ages who set arranged time to work out with friends and teammates.
  • Many communities have been active on Facebook for years, and set up times to work out together. Whether you’re a fan of the RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg—there’s a community for you!

Straight from Concept2 to You

The Concept2 Online Logbook is at the center of the Concept2 community. Record your workouts, rank your best efforts, or join a challenge.

We’re actively filling up the Concept2 Facebook and Instagram feeds with resources for training, coaches, and live training sessions. Look for our Workouts of the Day and our new Workout of the Week. A lot of new-to-Concept2 folks have found helpful and supportive connections with more experienced users in our Facebook group, Concept2 Community. Share workouts, get advice, or just chat!

Concept2 offers a free podcast, As The Flywheel Spins. Coach Cady Hart-Petterssen guides you through entire workouts. With over 70 episodes (and new ones being created) there is always something fresh. These are for the RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg. Hot tip! We suggest setting up a video conference with a friend and doing the workout together.

A full calendar of online challenges will keep you going all year long. Many of our challenges reward consistency and total meters, giving an extra incentive to work out regularly. The past year has been our biggest year EVER for challenges!

Make those meters count and join the ranks of thousands of people who have completed one million meters or more in the Concept2 Million Meter Club. For over thirty years we have been and rewarding those who complete million meter milestones, however long it takes you! We have distance clubs for kids, too!

Apps that Motivate

Many people discovered the wide world of apps that connect with Concept2’s PM5 monitor. We know that there is not a one-size-fits-all technology solution, so you have many options to best fit what motivates you. Some people want a leaderboard and coach; some people want a bike race; some people want to see a river as they row. That’s why we’ve made our monitor open platform: it provides the reliable measurement and data, and connects with over a dozen apps that provide different motivation and experience.

One of the most-requested training app formats is something that provides live or on-demand streaming workouts with a competitive element for indoor rowing, similar to those that have become popular on indoor exercise bikes.

Coaching and Leaderboards

Music! Energetic coaching! A leaderboard! Livestreaming or on-demand! These options (accessed via subscription, through websites, or in apps) have been a great fit for rowing.

  • Regatta Fitness provides live and on-demand classes via their app, with the CrewTrack® leaderboard.
  • Club Row recently released their app for live and on demand classes.

Classes Keep Me Going…

The Concept2 extended community has come up with a fantastic array of classes. Some are follow-along, some are more tailored to your specific goals. Some are short video series, some are coached sessions. Some are free, some require a subscription. If following a class keeps your motivation high, try some of these options.

  • Dark Horse Rowing offers a range of courses.
  • Enjoy this workout with Kiwi Pair rower Eric Murray.
  • FitTown Remote offers online, full-body functional fitness classes that incorporate the Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg and SkiErg along with barbells, dumbbells, boxes, and more. FitTown takes care of the clock, music, and coaching so you can focus on your workout. Try a 2-week free trial and ask about special offers for Concept2 customers.
  • British Rowing offers the Go Row series. Follow along to their video workouts.
  • Live2Row offers live virtual classes guided by experienced coaches. They offer a free 30 minute 1-on-1 session to all new virtual clients and the first 2 weeks of classes are free. Sign up for your free trial! 
  • Rowgatta On-Demand offers high-intensity, low-impact workout classes for wherever you are, whenever you want, with whatever equipment you have. Try it out with a free 7-day trial.
  • Take advantage of rowing workouts tailored to you by RowHard.
  • Row House Go streams some group classes.
  • TopRow is offering a free 30-minute Zoom session to refine your RowErg technique. Email for details.

If you've never tried an online rowing class before, read, Join a Virtual Rowing Class on our blog.


The Concept2 community made a quick shift to virtual racing. The shift to virtual for many long-standing races, such as The Head Of The Charles Regatta® and the World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH) meant that more people than ever before, from all over the world, could participate in these historically travel-based events. More races have shifted to online/virtual formats; you can now find a list of online races on our website.

In addition, the Concept2 development team kicked a project into high gear, and we will soon be introducing ErgRace Mobile. This will allow you to connect two or more ergs together online for racing and training. Soon anyone with a PM5, from anywhere, will be able to train with their friends or participate in an online erg race on RowErgs, SkiErgs and BikeErgs.

None of us know what the year ahead will bring, but it is heartwarming to see how active and creative the Concept2 community is. Your drive to stay connected has helped keep us motivated—and we can’t thank you enough for supporting each other.

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