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Holiday Challenge 2016 Sets Records

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Jan 06, 2017

The 2016 Holiday Challenge saw over 10,700 people participate, raising nearly $35,000 total for the four selected charities. There was growth at every level of the challenge: close to 7000 people rowed and/or skied at least 100k meters toward the challenge, over 2500 at the 200k level, and 271 finishers at the 50k level. Our most successful Holiday Challenge ever!

Thanks to the efforts of all these participants, donations will be made to the following charities:

Ocean Conservancy: $16,991.66

Global Fund for Women: $9,201.96

One Acre Fund: $6,410.72

Building Bright Futures Vermont: $2,367.22

If you completed 200k, you can expect to receive your Holiday Challenge Pin in the mail the first week of February.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you enjoyed the challenge, and that it helped keep you fit through the holidays!

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