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Nov 22, 2016

We just received a very nice testimonial to our SkiErg from a user in Switzerland, which we just had to post:

I am from switzerland and I’m 41 years old.
I’m in the endurance sports for about 25 years now. My sports are Triathlon, Duathlon, Marathon, Xcountry-Ski, Cycling, Swimming, Running…and I do a lot of my work also indoors (at night)…that’s why I love the SkiErg.
I work (100%) as a senior project leader at zurich airport…I’m married and we have a 9 years old daughter.
2006 I finished the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii for the first time. After 10 years I wanted to get back to Kona and earned the slot for it at the IRONMAN Switzerland this year.
Unfortunately I had a bike accident (got hit by a car) august 30…I injured my left knee…I tried everything and worked hard with a SkiErg (lent from a friend of mine) to stay in shape…but had to change plans only 2 weeks prior to the race in Hawaii…it was a tough time for me and my family who wanted to join me on the trip to Kona.

Now, I have to look forward and I work with my very own Concept2 SkiErg and do a lot of swimming…and hope to get back to running and cycling soon.
The Ski Erg is very important for me in this time. I can go on with my training and can build up my core and upperbody very efficently.

I’m looking forward for the cross-country-ski season here in switzerland…and I will be ready because of the SkiErg !

thanks again !

greetings from switzerland



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