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SkiErg World Sprints 2021: November 11-14

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Okt 07, 2021

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Join the SkiErg World Sprints! You can do this 1000m race solo on your home SkiErg, with your friends, at your club or at an in-person event near you. Wherever you do it, it makes a great training goal, a good chance to discover your personal best, and a chance to see where you stand up against others around the world!

This year’s edition of the SkiErg World Sprints takes place November 11–14, 2021. You can do it at any time during that window—and you can even make several attempts.

The 1000 meter race distance offers a good challenge that is a reasonable training goal for almost everyone. It will most likely take you somewhere between three and six minutes to complete. A little training will go a long way towards improving your performance and making the race more enjoyable. Training will also help you to dial in your optimal pace: fast enough to get you a personal best, but not so fast that you start too hard and “fly and die.”

It's not too soon to think about training. Below we offer two training plans: a 6-week plan and a 4-week plan. These plans can work for any current level of fitness. The plans offer two SkiErg workouts per week, but you are encouraged to exercise at least 2–3 other days each week. Additional workouts may be done on the SkiErg but can also include whatever else you enjoy for exercise. We also have a beginners plan if you are just getting started on the SkiErg.

This is an event that has always had a virtual option as well as the option to host a race in person at your club. Last year, with the pandemic in full swing and few, if any, people vaccinated, we encouraged people to compete from the safety of their own spaces. This year, we know that many clubs and gyms have reopened, taking careful precautions for safety. If you have access to a facility with a SkiErg and it is safe to host under national, regional and local COVID-19 guidelines, a physical in-person SkiErg Sprints event is a great option.

Note to clubs, gyms and fitness facilities: If you wish to host a SkiErg Sprints event with COVID-19 precautions in place, see the SkiErg Sprints challenge page for information on submitting results. If you have at least 30 people participating in your event, you’ll be entered into a random drawing for a new Concept2 SkiErg and optional Floor Stand. Two prizes will be awarded after the close of the SkiErg Sprints from all eligible entries.

Need help with technique? Check out our technique video. Both training plans, below, can also be downloaded and printed for easy reference:
6-Week Training Plan
4-Week Training Plan

Brand new to the SkiErg? Here's a training plan for beginners.

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