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Workout of the Day: BikeErg

Each day we offer three workouts to help you stay on track with your training. Choose from the short, medium, or long workout depending on your goals and schedule for that day.

If you don't like what we've chosen, use the “show alternate” links to display random selections for each workout type.

Workout durations include time to warm up and cool down. These durations may vary somewhat for distance-based training, depending on your pace.

short medium long
Short Medium Long
Max 30 min. 45 min. 60+ min.

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5 x 1500m / 2 min easy

Ride five 1500 meter pieces. Pedal easily for two minutes between the pieces.

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4 x 4000m / 1 min easy

Ride four 4000 meter pieces. Ride for one minute easily between the pieces.

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60 minute time trial

Ride a 60 minute time trial, going for your personal best. After you've finished. enter your time in the Online Ranking and see where you stand with others of your age and gender.

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Prepare and recover: Warm-up, cool-down, and stretch every time you train. Remember that workouts of greater intensity require a longer warm-up.

Let technology help: Program your performance monitor for the workout you choose. Need help? Check out the How to Use pages for your monitor:
PM5 | PM4 | PM3 | PM2 | PM1.

Use the button sequences: Button sequences are provided to help you set up your PM3, PM4 or PM5. Starting from the Main Menu, press the gray buttons on the right as indicated by the sequence: "A" corresponds to the top gray button on the right, "B" corresponds to the second gray button on the right, and so on down through E.
Key showing PM5 with letters

To access and view even more data, download our free app, ErgData.

About intensity: These workouts are designed to work for a wide range of ability and experience, so they do not specify a certain pace, power, or heart rate zone.

  • Hard: Intense work that still allows you to finish the workout.
  • Sustainable: A pace that can be maintained comfortably for the entire workout. Intensity where you are able to carry on a conversation.
  • Light pressure or easy paddling, poling or pedalling: Rest phase. Don’t stop! Continue very slowly and easily.

Remember: You are always welcome to adjust the intensity to meet your needs!

Damper Setting: Unless otherwise noted:

  • Indoor Rower: 3-5 provides the best aerobic workout. More on damper.
  • SkiErg: 1-3, then adjust (as desired) to match different ski and snow conditions.
  • BikeErg: Use a damper setting that allows you to maintain the cadence (rpm) suggested.

Cadence/Stroke Rate: Generally, a higher cadence/stroke rate is used on shorter workouts. Lower cadence/stroke rates are for longer workouts. Unless otherwise noted:

  • Indoor Rower: 22-30 strokes per minute (spm).
  • SkiErg: 35-45 pulls per minute (spm).
  • BikeErg: 60-100 revolutions per minute (rpm).