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Looking to make your workouts more interesting? Check out the games on your Performance Monitor. As well as providing variety, each game also has a more serious intention, such as helping to teach consistency at a given pace and stroke rate. The PM5 comes with the Fish Game, Darts, Target Training and Biathlon. Read on for a brief description of each.

Fish Game

Fish GameThe Fish Game teaches you how to modulate intensity. The object of this game is to rack up as many points as possible by eating the nutritious fish while avoiding the large, toothy beasts that will send your score plummeting to the ocean floor. Learn more

Darts Game

DartsThe Darts Game rewards consistency in tempo and power output. If you’re learning how to keep a steady pace and stroke rate, or if you’re working to get comfortable at a new pace, the Darts Game is a terrific tool for you. Learn more

Target Training

Target TrainingTarget Training is similar to Darts in that the object of the game is to hit as many bull’s-eyes as possible by maintaining a consistent pace and tempo. Target Training differs by allowing you to set your targets for pace and tempo. Target Training offers two modes of play: Just Play and Advanced. Learn more


BiathlonBiathlon combines two sports: typically Nordic skiing and target shooting. Races generally consist of three or five laps, with a shooting stage (“range”) between each lap. A penalty is assessed for each missed shot. Most often, this is a penalty lap of 150 extra meters of skiing. You can use the Biathlon Game to ski or row intervals alternating with target shooting or some other activity. Learn more