Performance Monitor Race Display | Concept2

Performance Monitor Race Display

For races using the Venue Race Application, such as the CRASH-B Sprints, the information below explains the start procedure and what is displayed on your Performance Monitor during your race.

Pre-Race Checks

  • Your race name or number is displayed beneath Next Race
  • Your name is displayed beneath Competitor
  • Your machine number is displayed beneath Erg
  • Adjust the drag factor to the setting you want to race on (it is displayed in the bottom right hand corner). Do this by adjusting the damper lever and rowing 2–3 strokes.
  • Set the monitor to the units you want to see during the race. Press Units or Change Units to toggle between the following:
    1. Split time for 500m and time elapsed
    2. Split time for 500m and average split time for 500m
    3. Watts and average watts
    4. Calories per hour and expended calories

Race Start Procedure

  1. Shortly before your race starts the race controller will ask you to stop rowing. Put the handle in the handle hook.
  2. Your monitor display will change to show “Stop, prepare for start.” Once this screen appears, you will not be able to change the display.
  3. The race controller will announce that the race is going to start and tell the competitors to pick up their handles. When you pick up the handle do not pull on it as you may trigger a false start.
  4. WATCH YOUR MONITOR. It will display “Sit ready,” “Attention,” “ROW.” Once it displays “ROW” start racing.


  • The time between “Attention” and “ROW” is different for each race to prevent people from trying to predict the start and jump it.
  • If a false start occurs, the monitor will display “False Start” and will list the lanes responsible. Stop rowing and put the handle back in the handle hook. Steps 2–4 will be repeated.

Race Display

Above the Thick Black Line

  • Top left of screen: distance to go (or time to go for a timed race)
  • Top right of screen: stroke rate
  • Center of screen (large letters): pace/500m split
  • Bottom left of screen: average split /500m

The center of screen and bottom left will vary depending on what units you chose before the race.

Below the Thick Black Line

This section will show four lines of information:

  • Line 1: This will show the leader on your race system and the number of meters they are ahead of you.
  • Line 2: This will show the person immediately in front of you on your race system with the number of meters they are ahead.
  • Line 3: This will show your name.
  • Line 4: This will show the person immediately behind you and the number of meters they are behind.

If you are leading the race on your race system you will only see Lines 3 and 4.

At the end of the race, your final time and those just ahead/behind will show in the lower half of the screen.