Rental Conditions | Concept2

Rental Conditions

For almost 10 years we’ve been offering the rental programme for individuals with big success! Try our concept2 machines at home before purchase.

This rental programme is for our private customers. If you as company are interested in our testing or renting before purchasing it, please contact us and we're happy to find a solution for you.


We offer the following machines for rental:

- Indoor Rower Model D in grey or black
- SkiErg with FloorStand
- BikeErg

Rental machines are always new machines.

Contract Duration

Minimal rental periode is 3 months. Afterwards you can prolong the rental each month for another month.


Fr. 69.- per month for the Indoor Rower Model D
Fr. 79.- per month for the SkiErg with FloorStand
Fr. 79.- per month for the BikeErg
One time administrative fee of Fr. 35.- will be charged additionally in the beginning of the rental fee.

The rental fee will be charged your credit card or bank (if you choose LSV) directly.


Shipping by DPD (free collection in Samstagern possible and on request)


After the initial 3 months of rental, you have 3 options:

  • Purchase of the rental machine
  • Prolongation of the rental each month for another month. The rental fee will be directly charged from your bank or credit card.
  • Return of the machine. Transport costs for return will have to be paid by the customers. You can either bring back the machine yourself to our office in Samstagern. In this case we don't need the packaging. Otherwise you also have the option to repack the machine in the original package and we organise DPD to take back the machine from you. The costs for pick-up by DPD are 35.- CHF for a Indoor Rower or 50.- CHF for a SkiErg oder BikeErg. We'll send you details for repackageging.

Purchasing after Rental

Deduction of two-thirds of rental fees. If you decide to purchase the rower within the first month we’ll deduct 100% (except administrative fees).


Fill out the application form or download the rental contract and fill it out completely and send it to us by email or Post. For our security we need a ID- or passport-copy to initiate the rental programme.