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Pairing Your Suunto Chest Belt with Your Suunto t3/t3c/t3d Watch

The Suunto t3/t3c/t3d watch is programmed to "pair" with the first chest belt it detects when you push any buttons on the watch for the very first time. The watch will only work with that chest belt transmitter unless you complete a re-pairing procedure to make it work with a different chest belt.

If you are already using another Suunto chest belt (such as the one that came with your PM4) be sure to place this chest belt near the t3/t3c/t3d watch before using your watch for the first time. Important: Make sure that the chest belt that came with the t3/t3c/t3d watch (and any other Suunto chest belts) are placed more than 40 ft away from the t3/t3c/t3d watch when you first use the watch. This will ensure that your t3/t3c/t3d watch pairs with the chest belt you will be wearing.

Pairing the t3/t3c/t3d Watch with a Chest Belt

  1. Remove the battery from the chest belt.
  2. Short-circuit the - and + metal plates in the battery compartment by connecting them with a metal instrument.
  3. Select PAIR in the Training menu of your Suunto t3/t3c/t3d.
  4. Select Hr belt. The message 'TURN ON NEW DEVICE' is displayed.
  5. Insert the battery in the battery compartment and wait for acknowledgment. Within 30 seconds, one of two messages will appear: either 'PAIRING COMPLETE,' or, if the pairing failed, 'NO DEVICES FOUND.'
  6. If the pairing is successful, close the battery compartment cover. If the pairing fails and no devices can be found, remove the battery and repeat steps 2–5.