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PM Cannot Find Chest Belt


You are attempting to pair your chest belt to the Performance Monitor, but the PM does not show your chest belt ID number. This means the Garmin/Suunto/ANT+ chest belt is not transmitting to the PM.


There are several potential reasons that a chest belt fails to transmit data to the PM. Refer to the following:

  • Dead Battery in the Chest Belt—Review battery life expectancy information under How to Use; try replacing the battery.
  • Chest Belt is not "On"—Wet the chest belt contacts and place the chest belt around your torso, or wet hands and grasp one contact in each hand firmly once or twice to "wake up" the chest belt.
  • Reset the Chest Belt—If you have replaced the battery and the problem persists, try resetting the chest belt as follows:
    1. Remove the battery from the chest belt.
    2. Inspect the battery compartment to ensure it is clear of debris and that no signs of battery acid exist.
    3. Reinstall the battery upside down (positive side facing down).
    4. Remove the battery again and reinstall it normally.
  • Chest Belt is Defective or Broken—Contact Concept2 for assistance.
  • Chest Belt is not Compatible—In order for the wireless heart rate feature to function with a PM4 or PM5, you must use compatible heart rate equipment. If your chest belt is not compatible, you must obtain the proper chest belt to make use of this function.
  • The PM's Radio is Not Working—If you can, try a few other compatible chest belts. If multiple chest belts do not work, the PM may not be operating properly. Contact Concept2 for assistance.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Interference—Transmission of the heart rate data may be affected by RF interference. Ensure that any local WiFi equipment is not transmitting on channels that overlap ANT transmission channels. WiFi (802.11b and 802.11g) can be safely configured on channels 1–6; channels 7–14 may start to interfere with ANT Wireless. Consult your access point user manual for information on how to change the WiFi transmission channel.