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How to Use

Cleaning the Polar H1 and H7 Heart Rate Sensors

The following cleaning is recommended:

  • After every use: Detach the transmitter connector from the strap and rinse only the strap under running water after every use. Dry the connector with a soft towel. Never use alcohol or any abrasive material (steel, wool or cleaning chemicals).
  • After every fifth use: Wash the strap regularly in a washing machine in warm water or at least after every fifth use. This ensures reliable measurement and maximizes the life span of the transmitter. Use a washing pouch. Do not soak, spin-dry, iron, dry clean or bleach the strap. Do not use detergent with bleach or fabric softener. Never put the transmitter connector in the washing machine or dryer!

Note: The Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor was previously called the Polar Wearlink chest belt.