Model C Maintenance | Concept2

Model C Maintenance


Wipe the monorail with a cloth or non-abrasive scouring pad after use. You can use soap and water or any glass cleaner. Do not use mineral acids, bleach, or coarse abrasives.

Every 50 Hours of Use Weekly for Institutional Users

Lubricate the chain with a teaspoon of purified mineral oil, 3-IN-ONE® oil, or 20W motor oil. Apply oil to a paper towel, and rub the paper towel along entire length of chain. Wipe off the excess. Repeat if needed. Do not clean the chain with any kind of cleaner or solvent, e.g. WD-40®.

Every 250 Hours of Use Monthly for Institutional Users

  1. Inspect the chain for stiff links. If stiff links are found, and if thorough lubrication does not help, replace the chain.
  2. Inspect the chain-handle connection for wear. If the hole has become elongated, or the U-bolt is worn halfway through, replace the entire connection.
  3. Tighten the shock cord if the handle does not return all the way to the fan enclosure. See Shock Cord Adjustment.
  4. Check screws for tightness, including those used for assembly.
  5. Loosen or tighten the nuts on the Performance Monitor arm joints as necessary. See Performance Monitor Arm Tension Adjustment.
  6. Check for dust inside flywheel with a flashlight. Vacuum if needed. See Flywheel Opening and Cleaning.

Approximately Every 800 Hours of Use

Replace batteries in the Performance Monitor (PM2). The PM2 uses 2 AA Batteries. See Battery Removal and Replacement.


Use of this machine with a worn or weakened part, such as the chain, sprockets, swivel connector or shock cord, may result in injury to the user. When in doubt about the condition of any part, Concept2 strongly advises that you replace the part immediately. Use only genuine Concept2 parts. Use of other parts may result in injury or poor performance of the machine.