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Model D Generator Coil Replacement

Greg Hammond, a member of our Marketing team, demonstrates how to replace a generator coil on a Model D Indoor Rower. These instructions can be used for a RowErg, Model E or Model C rower as well.

Model D Generator Coil Replacement

Materials Needed

  1. phillips screwdriver
  2. 7/16” (11 mm) or adjustable wrench
  3. 5/32” (4 mm) allen wrench


Gently remove the generator:

  1. Remove the generator cover from the generator base by removing two screws. The generator cover is located just past where the chain goes into the erg.
  2. Note the wire routing before you begin the next steps.
  3. Using the allen wrench and 7/16” wrench, loosen the two chain guide fasteners.
    • Grasp the generator from each end and pull up and out.
    • Continue to remove it by following the wire and pulling it out of the plastic clips as you go. You'll hear little snaps as you pop it out of the clips.
    • Unplug the wire from the Performance Monitor (PM).
    • Remove wire and generator coil unit.

Image illustrates the steps outlined in text
Next, you'll install the new generator.

  • Insert it into the generator base with the green circuit board facing up and the wire trailing out towards the monitor arm.
  • Replace the cover and install the two screws that hold it on.
  • Route the wire the same way you removed it, back up to the monitor. Avoid bending, pinching or kinking the wire by allowing adequate slack (approximately 2 inches).
  • As you reach the hinge point of the monitor arm, leave a little extra wire sticking out in a loop to allow easy movement of the monitor arm.
  • Finish threading the wire up along the monitor arm, and then through it so that it comes out just below the PM.
  • Finally, plug the wire into the PM, making sure you feel it click into place.
  • Tighten chain guide fasteners.