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Model D Troubleshooting

Can’t Loosen Four Front Leg Screws


Can’t loosen the four leg screws that attach the front legs to the box arm on the Model D Indoor Rower.

On Model D Indoor Rowers manufactured from June 10, 2016 to present, it may be difficult to remove the screws that attach the front legs to the box arm. To determine the age of your machine, inspect the serial number label. See this page for more information on serial number location: Model D.


Separate the front end from the monorail. Turn the front end over so that the legs are pointing up. Insert a screw driver of any type into the hole in the handle of the supplied 6-lobe driver. This will be used to add torque to loosen the screws. See image below.

Insert screwdriver into handle of 6-lobe driver.

Seat the 6-lobe driver in the head of the screw and apply firm downward pressure, while turning with the other driver to loosen the screw. See images below.

Apply firm downward pressure while turning with other driver.