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RowErg Troubleshooting

Seat Hits End of Track


The seat hits the end of the track while rowing.


This is more likely to happen when the athlete has long legs. It is possible that you will hit the end of the monorail while just sitting, but not while actually rowing. We recommend that you try a test row before making adjustments.

If you hit the end of the monorail while rowing with the seat rollers in the standard position, you can extend the travel distance of the seat by 1 inch:

  1. Use two 9/16" or 14 mm wrenches to loosen the bolt holding the rear top seat roller in the seat carriage.
  2. Remove the roller and hardware on the rear of the seat.
  3. Place the roller and hardware in the next hole over in the same order in which you removed it.
  4. Tighten the nut.

If this doesn't extend the seat far enough for you, please contact us to purchase an extended length monorail.