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How To Use Your PM1

Battery Information

The PM1 takes three 1.5 volt silver oxide batteries, such as Eveready 357. One set of batteries should last for about 500 hours of rowing.

Changing the Batteries

  1. Remove the monitor bumper by pulling the rubber portion toward you until it comes off. The battery compartment is located on the upper left side of the monitor case (as you face the monitor).
  2. Use your fingernail to slide the cover down and off. You will see the three batteries inside.
  3. Pull gently on the tab provided to remove the batteries.
  4. Replace them with the same orientation: with the (+) side facing up.
  5. Replace the bumper.
  6. Reinitialize the monitor.

Reinitializing the Monitor

You will need to reinitialize your monitor after changing the batteries. To do this:

  1. Press Reset.
  2. Keep Reset pressed while you press up arrow button.
  3. Release Reset.
  4. Release the up arrow button.