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PM2 Troubleshooting

Monitor Display has Faded or Incomplete Segments

Symptom: The Performance Monitor display has faded or incomplete segments.

Resolution: Faded or incomplete segments indicate a poor connection between the LCD and the circuit board. To remedy, clean the LCD, the circuit board and the rubber elastomers that make the connections. Using isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol on a cotton swab, do the following:

  1. Clean the edges of the LCD that make contact with the rubber strips.
  2. Clean the two edges of the rubber strips that make contact with board and LCD.
  3. Clean the two rows of contacts on the circuit board.
  4. Clean the areas of the circuit board where buttons (keypad) make contact.
  5. Clean the back side of the buttons.

If cleaning the monitor does not improve the display, an upgrade to a PM5 monitor will be needed. Replacement LCDs are no longer available for PM2/PM2+ Performance Monitors. The PM5 Monitor Retrofit Kit is available from Concept2.