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PM4 Troubleshooting

Stuck on Zero


The Performance Monitor (PM) comes on and you can navigate the menus, but when you begin rowing or skiing, the monitor numbers stay at zero.


  1. Ensure the “tach” (generator) cable is plugged in fully.
  2. On indoor rowers, ensure the model type on the monitor matches the indoor rower in use. Check this as follows:
    1. On the Main Menu, choose More Options.
    2. Choose Utilities.
    3. On a PM5, chose More Utilities > Product ID. On a PM3 or PM4, choose Product ID. Look at what appears next to "Model." This should be D or D/E for Model Ds, and D/E for Model Es and Dynamic Indoor Rowers (for reference, D/E will also be listed for SkiErgs, but this procedure applies to indoor rowers only). If you have retrofitted a monitor to an older indoor rower, this should read C, B or A according to the indoor rower you have. If this doesn't match the indoor rower model you have, take the following steps:
      1. From the Main Menu:
        • (PM5 Only) Select More Options > Utilities > More Utilities > LCD Contrast.
        • (PM3 or PM4 Only) Select More Options > Utilities > LCD Contrast.
      2. Press Change Units or Units three times.
      3. Press Change Display or Display three times.
      4. When the Set Rower Type screen appears, press the button next to Change Type until the correct indoor model is displayed:
        • D or D/E for Model D Indoor Rowers
        • D/E for Model E and Dynamic Indoor Rowers
        • C, B or A as appropriate for the indoor rower you have, if you've retrofitted a monitor to an older machine
      5. Select Set Type to save the setting.

      Note: If you change the monitor batteries, you may need to follow this procedure again.
  3. If the problem persists:
    1. Unplug the monitor pickup wire and inspect it for frays or breaks. This is the wire that leads from the bottom of the monitor to the flywheel. If frays or breaks exist, the pickup wire will need to be replaced.
    2. Inspect the monitor pickup wire port on the bottom of the monitor. If there is a crack in the port, the monitor will need to be replaced.
    3. If the wire and port look fine, securely plug the wire back into the monitor.
  4. If the problem persists and you have access to a known working monitor, swap the monitors to determine whether the problem is with the monitor pickup wire or the monitor itself:
    1. If the known working monitor stays at zero when you begin your workout, the monitor pickup wire is faulty and must be replaced.
    2. If the known working monitor operates normally, the original monitor is faulty.
  5. If you do not have access to a known working monitor, contact Concept2 or your authorized dealer for further assistance. If the monitor is used in a health club or other setting where a user may have sprayed the machine down with a cleaning solution after use, inspect the inside of the monitor and the circuit board for contamination. To inspect the inside of the monitor:
    1. Disassemble the monitor.
    2. Inspect the circuit board. If contaminants are visible, wipe down the circuit board with a cloth slightly dampened with water.
    3. Allow the circuit board to dry and reassemble the PM.
    If the problem persists, or if no contaminants were visible on the circuit board, the PM must be replaced.