Putting the Oars on the Boat | Concept2

Putting the Oars on the Boat

Once you have determined which side of the boat your oars go on, position them in the oarlocks as shown. Slide the oar in the oarlock by placing the narrow portion of the shaft near the blade into an open oarlock and slide the oar so that the collar meets the inboard side of the oarlock.

Important: Close the oarlock gate before getting into the boat. Failure to do this may result in the oar coming out of the oarlock unexpectedly and your boat flipping over. The oars should be able to rotate freely in the oarlock, but if they don’t, some adjustments can be made to open the oarlock up, depending on the particular make of oarlock. If you have trouble with the fit, please contact us for suggestions. Note that Concept2 makes oarlocks specifically designed to optimize the performance of our oars.

Be sure the oarlock opens toward the stern of the boat.

Diagram of Oar in Oarlock