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SkiErg Performance Series

Kikkan Randall
Kikkan Randall, 2012 World Cup Overall Sprint CHAMPION

The SkiErg Performance Series aims to provide coaches and athletes with a new tool for evaluating the effectiveness of their training. Regular testing is not a new idea but testing in controlled conditions has been difficult, and testing with a ski-specific device has been impossible in the past. The SkiErg, with its accurate Performance Monitor, makes both of these training tools possible.

The other important aspect of the SkiErg is that scores can be compared from one machine to another, at any altitude, in any conditions. Athletes can now compare their performances with others around the world.

Training on the SkiErg may not be exactly like skiing on snow—but it’s a good approximation, and good enough to provide useful data and a measure of a skier’s potential performance.

The SkiErg Performance Series is designed to span the dryland training season, starting in May when skiers get back to serious training, and ending in November when races begin on snow. There are intermediate testing periods in July and September to inform training along the way.

Test Periods

The test may be performed at any time during the month.

  • Post-season: May 1–31
  • Early summer: July 1–31
  • End of summer: September 1–30
  • Pre-season: November 1–30

Test Distances

The same distances are used every month so coaches and athletes can track progress.

  • Speed/Power: 30 seconds
  • Sprint: 1000m
  • Distance: 2000m
  • Distance: 5000m

Skiers and coaches are encouraged to submit scores for each of the distances in each of the four testing periods, to best monitor training progress. However, it is also fine to submit scores for selected distances and testing periods.

How to Participate

  1. Set up a free online logbook at
  2. Sign up for the Series on the Challenges page of your Logbook.
  3. Ski the desired distances during the testing period.
  4. Enter results into your online logbook by the end of the month.

Times are automatically added to the Results Board for the given testing period. If the athlete repeats the test within the testing period, the fastest result will show on the Results Board.

Results Boards are archived on the Concept2 website, so that coaches and athletes can refer back to them as needed.