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Skiers and Biathletes Testimonials

My SkiErg has been one of the greatest additions to my training as a professional and Olympic cross country skier. My favorite part is that it is so simple to get in a great workout, no matter the time of day, or the time of year. Read More ›

—Sadie Bjornsen, 2014/2018 Olympian, World Championship Bronze Medalist, 7-year National Team Member, 10-time World Cup Medalist, 5-time National Champion

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your support. I believe the SkiErg is going to be a huge asset to my comeback to competition!! Read More ›

—Kikkan Randall, 4-time Olympian, US Cross Country Ski Team

I have become a more efficient skier over the last few years thanks to the SkiErg. Read More ›

—Susan Dunklee, US Biathlon Team Member and Sochi Oympian, World Cup Silver and Bronze Medalist

I’m shooting for 2:45 this year (at the Birkebeiner) and the SkiErg is going to be my not-so-secret weapon. Read More ›

—Todd Brown

I am an IRONMAN Triathlete (PB 9h27) with a full time job and a family. I do need to work efficiently. The SkiErg is a superb alternative trainer for an injured athlete, but also very efficient gear for triathletes. Read More ›

—Beat Burkhard

We carry a Concept2 SkiErg in our team van all winter long as we travel from country to country for the Biathlon World Cup. I add 15 minutes on the Erg to my morning or afternoon jogs as a way to activate and maintain core and upper body strength in a ski-specific way. Year round, the SkiErg is an important complement to our training. Read More ›

—Clare Egan, US Biathlon A Team

I am relatively new to Nordic skiing as a blind person, and purchased a SkiErg in 2014 in hope of staying fit through the summer months and of improving my double pole ability for the winter season. Last fall, I found a 12-week training plan on that was designed for a Concept2 indoor rowing machine. I just added 20 strokes to the recommended cadence and followed the 6-day a week program into the beginning of ski season. Read More ›

—Tim McCorcle

I have used the SkiErg since 2010 and it is still an important part of my training. I have two daughters, born in 2012 and in 2014, so I have to be efficient while training. On average, I do 7-8 hours of training per week and about ten percent of my training in the fall is on the SkiErg. I prefer hard interval workouts that are over in 30 minutes, like 5 times 1000 m with 1 min rest. I also like longer workouts—1.5 hours as I watch ski races on my iPad. Read More ›

—Erik Wickström, Current world record holder of 24 hour non-stop XC skiing: 438,575 k; 25th at the 2014 Vasaloppet

When I first raced on the World Cup, I was amazed by how fast everyone was when double poling. I returned home with goals of becoming a lot stronger! Training on the SkiErg has helped me reach that level and compete with the best in the world. Read More ›

—Ida Sargent, US Ski Team, FIS World Cup Red Group and Sochi Olympian

The SkiErg can be a great training tool, especially to people who don't have much time. Read More ›

—Jorgen Brink

As the Head Coach of the US Paralympic Biathlon team, my vision is to have a SkiErg in all the major military medical facilities across the country by the fall of 2012. I see these SkiErgs as not only a great piece of equipment to facilitate rehab for wounded warriors, but a fantastic recruiting tool for the Paralympic Biathlon Team as well. Read More ›

—Rob Rosser