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Brooke Mooney: Schnellste Frau auf dem RowErg

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Mai 27, 2021

Heute stellen wir Euch die schnellste Frau auf dem Concept2 RowErg auf der olympischen Distanz von 2.000 Metern vor:  Brooke Mooney, Mitglied der US-Nationalmannschaft verbesserte den Weltrekord der Frauen  (offenen Klasse) um 1,5 Sekunden auf nun 6:21.1 Min. 

Concept2 hatte die Ehre, sich mit Mooney zu treffen, um in einem Interview mehr über sie zu erfahren.    Continue Reading ›

New World Record Categories

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Nov 18, 2016

In response to increased participation in our World Records and the expansion of our equipment offerings, Concept2 is introducing several new world record categories. Today, we are announcing world records for pieces done using Slides and a limited number of categories for pieces done using the Dynamic Indoor Rower. We will, of course, continue to maintain “static” indoor rower records. Continue Reading ›

Meet Ultra-Rower Darlene Brennan

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Sep 10, 2014
KC Colt, Darlene Brennan and Dena Hirchak in front of Concept2
Darlene Brennan between Concept2's KC Colt and Dena Hirchak
We'd like you to meet Darlene Brennan. You may recognize that name if you have done any Concept2 team challenges, because quite often, she is at the top of the challenge standings board, rowing for the ANCIENTS team. Since 2008, she has taken part in eighteen team challenges where she ranked #1 on the individual standings eight times. In four of the eighteen challenges, she easily completed more than one million meters and in eight, she completed more than two million meters. She also set 2 new world records recently for lightweight 70-79 women—one for rowing a million meters in thirteen days and the other for rowing 100,000 meters in just under 12 hours. How does she do it and what's her secret? Darlene visited Concept2 recently and shared a little of her story. Continue Reading ›