Marathon and Ultra Distance Rowing | Concept2

Marathon and Distance Rowing

Marathons and Ultra Rowing are not for everyone, but many of our customers enjoy the challenge of going the distance as a personal goal or as a way to raise funds for a variety of causes. You can find full regulations and records for all these events in the Records section of our website.

Concept2 recognizes the following long distance events and categories:

Individual Marathon

The individual marathon is 42,195 meters all in one sitting. This event is included in our Online Ranking, where you can register your time and view the results of others who have completed the distance. On completion you can download a certificate. US and Canadian customers can also request a free pin. See the Individual Marathon page for more information.

100,000 Meter Challenge

The 100,000 meter challenge is an ultra distance goal popular with both small teams and individuals.

24 Hour Row

This event has been done by a number of individuals as a fundraiser. It is also popular with rowing teams, who use it as both a fundraiser and a team-building experience.

Million Meter Row

This event takes over two full days to complete for teams, and much longer for individuals! The fastest teams have handled it as a rapid-fire relay, changing rowers as often as every minute to keep up their pace.

Longest Continual Row

Here's the real open-ended challenge. Several current records are over 10 days! Any takers?