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Million Meter Club

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Fitness is its own reward for the hard work you put in, but we think you deserve a little something extra when you reach the milestone of one million meters on a Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg or SkiErg. Started in 1987, the Concept2 Million Meter Club was created to celebrate and reward everyone that reaches this huge milestone, and every million thereafter.

The journey to one million meters starts with just one meter. Everyone starts out in the same place, and it may take you three months or three years to reach that first milestone. We’ll celebrate your achievement no matter how long it takes.

Row, ski or ride. You’ll get rewarded each time you reach a million meter milestone for each piece of equipment. Your meters from different pieces of Concept2 equipment are not combined.

How it Works

  1. Set up a Concept2 Online Logbook. The Logbook is a free, easy way to track your meters, and more.
  2. Record all your meters on any Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg, or SkiErg. (We recommend using the Concept2 ErgData app to record your meters, and then sync ErgData to your Online Logbook account).
  3. When you reach your million milestone (1 million, 5 million, 10 million etc.) for any given type of Concept2 equipment, go into your Online Logbook account, click Challenges, and scroll down until you see the Million Meter Club area. A section will appear for each ergometer type that you use.
  4. Follow the instructions to print an achievement certificate (worldwide), and request free rewards or purchase additional prizes ([concept2:nationality]).

Note: We have also have distance awards for kids.

Concept2 Million Meter Club t-shirt and certificateConcept2 Million meter club rewards include a bag, pins and t-shirts along the way

Prizes and Rewards

The Million Meter Club has grown steadily thanks to the enthusiasm of participants! We now offer incentives all the way up to 100 million meters.

Million Meter Club prizes are offered to [concept2:nationality] club members. If you’re not in the Switzerland, please contact your local dealer for information about programs in your country.

Prizes for [concept2:nationality] members are a combination of complimentary items from Concept2 and optional items sold through a 3rd party online vendor.

Prize Club
Complimentary Prizes from Concept2
Certificate Every million meters
Enameled pin 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and every 5 million meters thereafter
T-shirt 1 million meters
Long sleeve T-shirt 5 million meters
Sweatshirt 10 million meters
Rowing shorts and T-shirt 15 million meters
Sports bag 20 million meters
Additional Prizes 25 million meters and every 5 million meters thereafter
Optional Prizes to Purchase
T-shirts, tote bags, ball caps, mugs and more! 1–100*
*These shops are built as needed. If you reach a milestone and find there is no shop available, please email us at [concept2:mmc-email].
Note: prizes are not available in all countries.