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We know that Concept2 equipment plays a large part in your training regimen, and we're here to support your efforts!

Technique and Training

Check out our technique videos, featuring proper rowing technique and more.
New to the SkiErg? Check out our SkiErg technique information and video.

Opportunities for Competition

Motivation and Support

Too many Fights Gone Bad? Tabata Interval blues? Try something different! Challenge yourself during one of our individual and team challenges, or join an affiliation. Keep track of your meters in our Online Logbook and work towards joining our Million Meter Clubs.

Learn about these programs and more in our Motivation section. Visit our Service section, where you can find out everything from troubleshooting bumpy seat rollers to learning how to set up an interval workout with undefined rest on your Performance Monitor.

Training for Trainers: Dark Horse Rowing Trainers' Course

Learn everything you need to know about rowing, from moving and coaching better to getting the most from your rowing machines and developing new opportunities for your community.

You get the full Concept2 Instructors Curriculum + added Dark Horse curriculum to enhance and build on top of what Concept2 is teaching, including:

  • Programming
  • What it means to be a coach
  • Dark Horse's refined lectures for in gym coaching
  • Dark Horse specific drills
  • Exclusive access to the Dark Horse Rowing insiders Master Study Group
  • 7 CEC’s for CrossFit or Equivalent ACE CEC’s.

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Wall Art

CrossFit Rowed Kill and How To Posters

How To Row: Part number 1744

How To Ski: Part number 1844

Rowed Kill: Part number LRKP

Need some wall art? Get a C2 poster! Just send us an email telling us which poster(s) you want (please reference the part numbers at left in your email and remember to include your address), and we'll put it in the mail (US and Canada only)! Easier than a burpee. We promise.

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CrossFit Games Indoor Rowers
Rowing in the CrossFit Games 2013

"I rowed terribly for a really long time. This is something that will enrich your experience greatly. I found it very approachable, very user friendly, I never struggled to get through a video or a workout… it was something that fit really easily into my life and has done nothing but help."

--Ed Reilly
PE Teacher/CrossFit Coach/Lifeguard Boat Racer

"Now I will sit down with these massive guys and absolutely beat them over a 500m row. And I can say, ‘The reason I can do that is not because I’m bigger and stronger than you, but because I know how to do this. Will you let me teach you?' So to have the confidence to go into a room of guys who I physically cannot compete with from a muscle point of view, and have them listen to me and appreciate what I’m saying… that’s the most rewarding thing."

--Jon Steventon
TV Editor