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Managing Diabetes

Regular rowing can help keep your weight and body fat at healthy levels—both good things for helping to control diabetes. Rowing can also help to restore normal glucose metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity.

Rowing engages all the major muscle groups. As you row, the muscles contract and relax as they use sugar for energy. To meet the energy need, the body uses glucose supplies in your blood, ultimately reducing your blood glucose level. The length and intensity of your workouts determines how much your blood glucose is reduced.


  • The American Diabetes Association recommends that anyone with diabetes have a thorough medical exam before starting an exercise program.
  • Checking your blood sugar before, during and after aerobic activity can help you avoid setbacks and reach your exercise goals.


Before trying these workouts, please read our liability disclaimer.

These workouts were sent to us by customers who use the indoor rower to manage their diabetes; click their names to read their full stories:

  • Workout 1: Row at a steady pace for 30 minutes several times per week. Sharon W. lowers her glucose level by 150 points with this workout!
  • Workout 2: Row for an hour four to five times a week. Bob J. lost 40 pounds and returned his blood glucose to normal levels using this workout regimen.
  • Workout 3: Row 5000 meters a day, like Diane B.
  • Workout 4: Row while watching sports on TV! Don does this to stay active and keep his daily numbers healthy.