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5 Tips on Moving or Storing your Machines

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Dec 16, 2020

The Concept2 RowErg is really easy to move and store. Built-in caster wheels on the front foot and a framelock mechanism that securely connects the front end and the monorail together ensure the machines can be rolled into place safely and easily.

These days, this ease of mobility is helpful in many commercial settings like gyms and fitness clubs—RowErgs can be conveniently moved around to accommodate a variety of situations, such as group classes or fitness testing, or one-on-one personal training sessions. We’re also seeing machines being used outdoors, in an effort to ensure good air circulation and safe distancing guidelines during the pandemic.

It’s important to keep these five things in mind when moving or storing your Concept2 RowErgs:

  1. Always have the framelock mechanism in the locked position before moving and using the Model D or the Model E. The framelock connects the monorail end with the flywheel end, and, when it is completely closed, moving the machines in or around your workout room is convenient and safe. Our helpful video shows how to connect the monorail end of the RowErg with the flywheel end. (Please note that the procedure is identical for the Model D and E, unless you have a Model D manufactured between July 2003 and August 2006.) With a little bit of practice with lining up the two ends, the procedure is simple. Failure to have the framelock mechanism in the locked position may result in injury if the unit is lifted or moved.
  2. It may seem convenient to store Concept2 RowErg vertically, lined up against the wall, standing on end with the two parts attached. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS STORAGE OPTION.
    • Storing the machines vertically poses a danger of the machines falling over, which could cause injury or damage the equipment.
    • Pulling your machine down from the vertically stored position may cause frame damage to your equipment.
  3. A better way to store the machines when not in use is by simply disengaging the framelock and separating the monorail from the front end. The two pieces can then easily be stored in a corner, against a wall or in a closet. As a reminder: Do not stand the RowErg up on end as it may tip over.
  4. If you often move or roll your RowErgs on rough surfaces like pavement or concrete, the fasteners may become loosened overtime. Periodically tighten all fasteners.
  5. After bringing your machines in from the outdoors, or if they are coming out of storage after a period of time, remove dust or dirt from the monorail and flywheel with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. DO NOT SPRAY CLEANER DIRECTLY ON THE PERFORMANCE MONITOR. Check out our list of maintenance tips.

All Concept2 equipment is built to withstand heavy use in commercial settings, gyms, rehabilitation centers, training centers and more. Follow these tips for moving and storing Concept2 RowErgs to take the best care of your equipment.

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