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5 BikeErg Leg Burners in 20 Minutes or Less

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Jun 06, 2024

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Short on time and looking for a challenging and efficient workout? Hop on a Concept2 BikeErg and try one of our favorite 20 minute or less workouts. We love these workouts because they push you both physically and mentally, while also being efficient for a busy schedule. Catch us doing one of these workouts in between work meetings or after putting the kids to bed.

20 Rounds to Freedom

:30 max effort, standing pedaling, damper 10
:30 ‘rest,’ perform 8 alternate jumping lunges
20 rounds total

In the ErgData app, program 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest. Crank that damper all the way up as these are going to be standing sprints. Focus on smooth cyclical motions, and not mashing the pedals. After each 30 second effort on the BikeErg, step off and perform eight total alternating jumping lunges, or four on each side. If you don’t have the explosiveness to jump, do eight walking lunges. Any extra time is rest, but these will get taxing and slow down quickly.

Use Ergdata to Program 20 Rounds to Freedom

Double the Pain

1 min work, 2 min rest
6 rounds total

This 1:2 work to rest ratio should be completed when you truly want and need those two minutes of rest. These are 60 second high efforts. You can complete these as all out with an expected pace decline, or you can pick a target and try to maintain.

Use Ergdata to Program Double the Pain

20 Minute FTP Test

What is FTP? FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and comes from the cycling world. It is a predictor of the wattage you can hold for an hour, and can help guide watt-based workouts, as this gives you an idea of what you can hold for a longer time domain.

How should you pace yourself? In a 20-minute test, you want to be as steady with pacing as possible. If you know your 5k RowErg pacing, aiming for a similar time or slightly faster may be a good goal. For example, if you can row a 20 minute 5k (202.5 watts), aiming for ~205-210 watts for 20 minutes on the BikeErg may be a good goal. You may be a bit faster or slower than this goal, and you can slow down or speed up as time goes on based on your perceived exertion.

Use our Pace Calculator to convert some previous 500m splits into watts. Most people will benefit from a higher cadence (90-100 rpm) so find a damper setting that allows you to hit your goal wattage at that output before you begin. Your final wattage, multiplied by 0.95, will provide you with your estimated FTP.

Use ErgData to Program 20 Minute FTP Test

Four to the Floor

4 minutes steady (65-75% of FTP) 1 minute fast (120-130% of FTP)

There is no true rest in this workout. Try to return to the 65-75% FTP pace as quickly as possible after the high output one minute efforts. This 20 minute workout will keep your legs and lungs guessing. Don’t go out too fast and save something in the tank for the end. Pro tip: Save time to cool down after your final effort and make this one count.

Use ErgData to Program Four to the Floor

Death by Calories

Starting at 10 Calories, complete the allotted number of Calories in one minute. Your ‘rest’ is whatever time you have left in the minute. Preset this workout as one minute work, no rest under variable interval. Your workout ends when you no longer can complete the Calories in the time domain. You can alter your starting Calories to suit your ability. Try starting at five Calories and working up if 10 feels daunting.

Min 1: 10 Cals
Min 2: 11 Cals
Min 3: 12 Cals
Keep adding a Calorie each minute until you can no longer complete the total Calories in the one minute time allotment.

Can you make it 20 minutes?

Use ErgData to Program Death by Calories

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