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ErgData: Five Ways to Use Favorites

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Dec 13, 2022

Our free app ErgData makes it easy to designate a workout as a “favorite” and quickly set it up next time. Just click the star at the top right. You can do this when you first set up the workout—or you can select any workout from your Logbook and make it a favorite.

Once you have a workout in your Favorites list, you can quickly set it up with a single button push!

How can this feature work for you? We’ve put together our five fave ways to use the Favorites feature!

1. This one is obvious. You have a few go-to workouts, so add them to Favorites the first time you set them up in ErgData. This way, you’ll never have to go through the setup process again.
2. If there’s a complex workout that you want to do again, it’s even more valuable to make it a Favorite, because it will save you even more setup time. Variable interval workouts, which are the most complex to set up, are great candidates for Favorites.
3. WODs > Favorites: The Workout of the Day (WOD) is offered each day on ErgData, and offers a wide variety of interesting workouts. If you do the WOD and enjoy it, make it a Favorite.
4. Maybe the WOD looks interesting to you, but you don’t have time to do it that day. Save it as a Favorite so you can do it another day.
5. Repeating a workout every few weeks or months can be a great way to evaluate your fitness progress. Set up your preferred test workouts as Favorites so that they will be easy to repeat.

Another fun fact—name your favorite workouts! Once you've created the workout, tap the star and a field for “Name” will pop up. If you created the workout in the past, it’s not too late to add a name. Choose the workout from your Favorites list by tapping on it, then look for the “Name” field where you can enter a name for the workout. It will be displayed with this name the next time you view your Favorites list.

Favorites list with short cal intervals as a custom name.

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