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The BikeErg Travels to the CrossFit Games

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Aug 11, 2017

The Concept2 CTS team traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, for the CrossFit Games as it debuted in its new location. The city met athletes, spectators and vendors alike with open arms. An event was even named after the city, “The Madison Triplet”, where weighted sandbags were encased in yellow and named "Cheese Curds" to reflect the popular Wisconsin dish.

The indoor rower has been an integral part of the CrossFit Games since 2007. For this year's team event, there were a total of 60 Model Ds on the floor: ten lanes of six machines. Individuals met the indoor rower near the end of a gruelling chipper workout—an event with a long list of movements at which you "chip away". This year was the second year that the SkiErg was featured in both individual and team competitions. The SkiErg isn't new (it was introduced in 2009), but for many spectators it was their first time seeing it in person, which drove them to the Concept2 booth where they could try it out.

The release of the newest Concept2 product, the BikeErg, coincided with the CrossFit Games, and we had one onsite to ride. Spectators, CrossFit Games athletes, and even CrossFit Games director, Dave Castro, all took spins. The user-friendly BikeErg with its easy adjustability was a hit.

Vermont athlete Mathew Fraser won the CrossFit Games for the second year in a row. We were excited to cheer on other local athletes from Vermont: Dani Horan and Kristi Lunny took 20th and 10th in their divisions respectively. As usual, the CrossFit Games didn't disappoint with outstanding athletes, impressive performances, and fantastic competition.

The BikeErg will next travel to the World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Florida. Join us and take a ride!

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