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Getting your Erg in Shape

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Mar 18, 2020

Like many of us these days, you are probably spending a lot of time indoors, hunkering down and navigating the "new normal" in these days of Coronavirus. We've been hearing from people who are pulling out their ergs so they can stay healthy and active during this time at home. Here are a few simple things to look for to ensure your machines are fully functioning and ready to go.

Chain Lubrication Don't overlook the simple step of lubricating the chain on your RowErg. A dry chain will not run as smoothly or as quietly as it should, and will wear out more quickly. You may experience a rougher feel and louder sound while rowing with a dry chain, and chain links can become stiff and start skipping as they run over the sprocket teeth. 

Lubricating the chain is simple. There are a few options for oils so you likely have someting on hand: purified mineral oil, 3-In-One™ multipurpose oil or 20W motor oil. Put two teaspoons of the oil on a rag or paper towel and run it back and forth over the entire length of the chain. We know of machines in excess of 10 years old with original chains and sprockets that are still running smoothly. This is because the chains have been lubricated on a regular basis.

Clean the Flywheel Enclosure Another simple and routine maintenance procedure is to open up the flywheel enclosure and clean it out once for every 250 hours of use (or more frequently if used or stored in a very dusty location). This goes for the RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg. As air enters the flywheel housing from the side and escapes around the outer edge (circumference) of the flywheel enclosure, it is normal for some of the dust that enters along with the air to get trapped in the air outlet screen. As the screen gets plugged up with dust, the drag on the flywheel is less than it should be, so that opening the damper all the way to the highest setting (10) has little or no effect.

Cleaning the flywheel housing is easy. Follow these cleaning instructions for RowErgsSkiErgs and BikeErgs.

Check the batteries in the Performance Monitor If your Performance Monitor isn't turning on, it could be as simple as checking your batteries. Find your Performance Monitor and follow instructions on how to do so.

Check the Performance Monitor Sensor Coil & Pickup Wire Sometimes the Performance Monitor may turn on, but won't start functioning. Many people misdiagnose this as a bad Performance Monitor. It is often a problem with the sensor coil and pickup wire (which is sold as one replacement part).

The first step is to make sure the pickup wire is properly plugged into the monitor. Inspect the pickup wire for signs of damage. There is also a chance the Performance Monitor needs to be programmed for the Model it is on. Here is the complete guide for troubleshooting when your Performance Monitor is stuck on zero.

Our website has a host of information on the care of your erg. We are open Monday-Friday, [concept2:opening-hours] so feel free to reach out with questions. We are here for you!

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