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Macon Blade

The Macon style blade became popular in the 1960s and was the most widely used blade type for thirty years. Although most rowers have moved to more efficient asymmetric blades, we still sell Macon blades to a small number of rowers. Macon blades are available in two sizes for both sweep and scull. The Macon blade is best for the 1960s traditionalist.

Macon Blade Dimensions
  Medium Sweep Large Sweep Medium Scull Large Scull
Blade Length 58 cm 58 cm 50 cm 50 cm
Width at Tip 16.5 cm 18 cm 14 cm 14.5 cm
Width at Broadest Point 20 cm 21 cm 17 cm 18 cm
starting at
950 CHF
starting at
710 CHF


  • Symmetric "tulip" shape
  • Central spine
  • No Vortex Edge
Color: Standard White

Color Options

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Standard White
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