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Smoothie2 Plain Edge Blade

By 1996 we had been experimenting with a number of design features to improve efficiency and now brought them together in a new blade mold. This was the first time we broke free from the traditional forms passed down from when the blades were made of wood. The Smoothie had no central ridge (a holdover from wooden blades). The design included a curved “lip” at the top edge that aided in maintaining proper level in the water and was slightly less “hooked” than the Big Blade. This gave the Smoothie a sharper feel at the catch. The outline of the Smoothie was the same as the successful Big Blade. In 2006, the Smoothie mold was refined with subtle changes to improve handling. This refinement resulted in the Smoothie2 Plain Edge we offer today and was the precursor to our more efficient Smoothie2 Vortex Edge and Fat2 blades.

Optimizing Performance

The Smoothie2 Plain Edge is more efficient than the Big Blade, but less efficient than blades with Vortex Edges and tapered tips, such as the Fat2 and Smoothie2 Vortex Edge.

The Smoothie2 Plain Edge uses a greater outboard length than the Fat2 or Smoothie2 Vortex Edge. It may require a shorter outboard length than an oar with the Big Blade, depending on the crew.

Smoothie2 Plain Edge Dimensions
  Sweep Scull
Blade Length 54.5 cm 46 cm
Width at Tip 25.5 cm 21.5 cm
Width at Broadest Point 25.5 cm 21.5 cm
starting at
950 CHF
starting at
710 CHF
Smoothie2 Plain Edge


  • No center spine
  • More hook
  • Greater surface area at tip
  • Curvature to aid in depth control
Color: Standard White

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