Service | Concept2

How to Use

Using the Display Options

The Performance Monitor displays the following information:

  • Elapsed Time—Keeps track of how long you’ve been rowing.
  • Stroke Rate—Indicates your stroke cadence in strokes per minute (spm) and is updated on every stroke.
  • Stroke Output—Displays how hard you pulled on the last stroke. This can be displayed in a choice of three units; press the Display button to cycle through the three units:
    • Pace/500m—Indicates how long it would take you to row 500 meters if you keep the same pace. The faster you go, the smaller the number.
    • Calories/hour—Indicates the rate at which you were burning Calories during the last stroke and displays the approximate number of Calories you would burn in an hour if you keep the same pace. When calculating Calories burned, the PM2 bases the calculation on a 175 pound (80 kg) person with a base rate of 300 Cal/hour. The formula used is as follows:
      Calories = (4x average watts/1.1639) + 300 Cal/hour x time rowed (in hours)
      To determine the actual Calories burned for your body weight, use our Calorie Calculator.
    • Watts—Indicates the power you exerted during the last stroke, in watts. The larger the number, the faster you are going.
  • Total Workout—Keeps an average or cumulative record of your workout.