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How to Use

Viewing Results

The Performance Monitor stores your most recent workout in memory, even if the PM is turned off. To view your workout, press Recall.

Viewing Splits or Intervals

The first time you press Recall, the PM displays the end result of your workout. Each successive press displays information for the previous split or interval for up to 20 splits or intervals, and “Split” will appear on the screen. You can also use the right arrow button to cycle through splits or intervals. Click the up arrow to show information for the next split or interval in succession.

When viewing splits or intervals, you can also access additional information:

  • Press Display to view the split or interval in different units (pace/500m, calories or watts).
  • Press Rest to show splits in cumulative mode. The PM displays “CU” on the screen to indicate that cumulative mode is active. Press Rest again to exit cumulative mode.
  • The Heart Rate box shows your heart rate at the end of that split or interval.
  • The SPM box shows your average strokes per minute for that split or interval.