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How To Use Your PM4

Battery Information

The PM4 for the Model D, E, Dynamic Indoor Rower, and the SkiErg came equipped with a rechargeable battery pack (no longer available). The recharge rate depends on your usage pattern: the more and harder you row or ski, the more quickly the PM4 charges. All PM4s can also use two D cell (IEC LR20) batteries, which are required when retrofitting a PM4 on a Model A, B, or C Indoor Rower.

Checking the Battery Level

  1. On the Main Menu, select More Options.
  2. Select Utilities.
  3. Select Battery.
    • If you are using D cell batteries, the amount of power left will be displayed as a percentage.
    • If you are using the rechargeable battery, the capacity will be shown as “Low,” “Very Full” and so on.

Recharging the Battery

Recharge the rechargeable battery by connecting the PM4 to a computer using a USB cable. To fully recharge the battery, we recommend leaving the PM4 connected to the computer for at least eight hours or overnight.