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How To Use Your PM4

Darts Game

DartsThe Darts Game rewards consistency in tempo and power output. If you’re learning how to keep a steady pace and stroke rate, or if you’re working to get comfortable at a new pace, the Darts Game is a terrific tool for you.

Each game gives you 300 darts to "throw" at the target; the object is to earn as many points as possible. The number of points earned depends on where each dart hits:

  • Bull’s-eyes are worth 50 points each.
  • The next three rings out from the bull’s-eye are worth 25, 10, and 5 points respectively.

At the beginning of each game you will be asked to take five strokes. This sets your pace and stroke rate for the first few darts; after that, your target pace and stroke rate will be based on your most recent strokes. If you quicken your pace and stroke rate during the game, your dart will fly high of the target; if you slow your pace and stroke rate, your dart will fly low. Hit the bull’s-eye by maintaining a consistent pace and stroke rate. A perfect game is 15,000 points.

To set up a Darts Game:

  1. (PM5 Only) From the Main Menu select More Options > Games > Darts.
  2. (PM4 Only) From the Main Menu, select Games > Darts.