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ErgRace supports in-venue racing only. For online racing, see ErgRace Online

ErgRace is software to run indoor races in venues. ErgRace supports both individual and team races, as well as time, distance and Calorie races.


  • Individual or team races
  • A new experimental race type “Mixed Erg” for handling races such as triathlons featuring more than one machine per athlete. This can only be used with recent PM5s running the latest beta firmware.
  • Races can be for time, distance or Calories
  • Three different race displays: scrolling boat view, hybrid view, leaderboard view
  • Any computer on the same network is able to run the race display
  • Produces PDF results at the end of the race. Ability to merge results from two or more races.


There is an online manual available. This is a work in progress and is kept up-to-date with any known issues and workarounds. We recommend you read this prior to your race.

If you have any questions on how to use ErgRace that are not covered in the manual, contact

Known Issues

Please check the manual for the full list of known issues.

Recommended Firmware

Concept2 recommends using PM5s with the latest firmware version available.


Please send any feedback to

ErgRace 3.01.06

.exe format

ErgRace Update Emails

Fill in the form below to get notification about important updates and new features, as well as tips on usage.


ErgRace is currently available for Windows only.

ErgRace is compatible with Windows 7 and later.