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Software Development

There are a number of resources available to software developers. Some are developed by Concept2, some are from third parties. All are provided on an ‘as-is’ basis without support or warranty.

PM5 Interface

Concept2 encourages third party software developers to make apps for the PM5.

The PM5 can connect to most modern Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones or computers.

The PM5 also supports certain ANT wireless commands appropriate to the type of erg being used. ANT+ protocols can be obtained from

Download the PM5 Communication Specification

The PM3, PM4, and PM5 can connect to most devices that have a USB Host port.

Please Note:

  • Concept2 recommends using the latest firmware for your PM5.
  • This specification is subject to change without notice.

Other Resources

Concept2 SDK

We have old SDKs for Windows and MacOS. These are outdated and do not support the latest operating systems, but may still be of interest for code samples.

Download Windows SDK
Download Mac SDK


RasPiRowing allows you to connect a PM to a Raspberry Pi.

Learn more


WASP is a standalone bridge that allows Bluetooth and ANT+ devices to communicate wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks to other devices or over the Internet. For example BLE/ANT+ heart rate monitors, indoor rowing machines, home scales, pulse-oximeter monitors, and blood glucose monitors are all able to use this bridge module to communicate their data to central monitoring stations via the WiFi network. Learn more about WASP

Woman rowing while using an app on a tablet