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Fishing for a High Score

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Jan 09, 2014

Some of you may remember the story we wrote in the Fall 2009 issue of the Update about our CFO (“Chief Fishing Officer”), Jon Williams. Well, he’s still the in-house Fish Game Champion…but he doesn’t come close to the fishing exploits of customer Ken Petterson.

Ken and Jon communicate regularly about their fishing, and most recently Ken sent us a really impressive collection of his fishing stats, accumulated from over 9000 games! We thought you would enjoy seeing them—and perhaps this will inspire you to try the Fish Game if you haven’t already. It only takes 4 minutes to play each game, but fair warning: it can be quite addicting! Continue Reading ›

From the Archives: A Great Workout in 30 Minutes

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Dez 31, 2013

Pete and Jon catching a quick intense workout in the C2 Workout Room before lunch.
This training advice seems especially pertinent to the holidays, when time is often at a premium. It’s also interesting to note that Larry was ahead of the times in recommending HIIT (high intensity interval training), which has been shown in a number of recent studies to be a very effective training tool. Continue Reading ›

Concept2 TV Spots auf Tele Züri

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Nov 28, 2013

Concept2 startet seine Werbekampagne für den Winter!
Nach ein paar erfolgreichen Jahren mit originellen Inseraten in der Sonntagszeitung und NZZ am Sonntag, möchten wir auch dem Fernsehzuschauer etwas Bieten! Unsere Rudergeräte werden in regelmässigen Abständen in Tele Züri ausgestrahlt - hauptsächlich Sonntags zwischen Wetter und Sonntalk, Start ab 1.12.
Wir stellen die Clips bereits vor:

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