Kids' Club | Concept2

Kids' Club

Young Girl RowingOur Kids' Distance Clubs are open to everyone 16 and under and emphasize fun participation, not competition.

You can row, ski or ride, with separate clubs for each piece of Concept2 equipment. Each time you get to a new club level you'll earn a certificate (worldwide) and free pin (Switzerland only). We currently have the following clubs:

  • 5000 meters
  • 20,000 meters
  • 40,000 meters
  • 100,000 meters
  • 250,000 meters
  • 500,000 meters

The Details

  1. Set up a Concept2 Online Logbook. The Logbook is a free, easy way to track your meters, and more.
  2. Record all your meters on any Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg, or SkiErg. (Where possible, we recommend using the Concept2 ErgData app to record your meters).
  3. When you reach the milestone for any given type of Concept2 equipment, go into your Online Logbook account, click Challenges, and scroll down until you see the Million Meter Club area. A section will appear for each machine that you use.
  4. Follow the instructions to print an achievement certificate (worldwide), and request your free pin (Switzerland). There are also additional incentive items available to purchase from a third-party fulfillment vendor.

If you need more information on any of these programs, email [concept2:kids-email].