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Rowing for Golfers

Andy Prosowski
Andy Prosowski, Golf Schools of Scottsdale

Golf requires strength, flexibility, endurance and power. Indoor rowing meets all of these requirements; add some specific strength work on the SkiErg, and you'll be well on your way to a stronger golf game.

Sample Workouts

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These workouts come to us from golf coach Andy Prosowski, co-owner of Golf Schools of Scottsdale in Arizona.

Goal: Gain strength and improve your golf swing with rowing exercises that focus on the five areas golf and rowing share: sequence, rhythm, core strength, stamina and visualization.

Details: Focus on a different exercise each training session. Do the exercise for 20–30 minutes.

Sequence Exercise

Golf and rowing require specific sequences of movement. In rowing, it’s legs first, followed by the torso and then the arms. Learning to execute the rowing sequence consistently while increasing intensity will translate to a strong, controlled golf swing. To do this exercise, keep the grip and lower arms relaxed, and begin rowing slowly. Every 10 minutes or so, increase your intensity while maintaining the proper sequence of movements.

Rhythm Exercise

Poor rhythm and tempo ruin good golf and rowing technique. The key is keeping your rhythm constant and powerful, regardless of your tempo. To practice rhythm and tempo, try keeping your stroke rate and 500m splits consistent throughout the rowing session. Focus on the feel of the speed, not on the Performance Monitor.

Core Strength Exercise

In the golf swing, power comes from your core muscles, while speed comes from your arms, wrist and hands. These elements combined give you distance...and every golfer is trying to get more distance.

Follow the same instructions for the Sequence Exercise but row it at a slower pace. Focus on your legs and core muscles for power; do not look for fast splits but concentrate on quick hands and arms to increase your stroke rate.

Stamina Exercise

Golf is a long journey game, and good golfers know how to relax between shots and while executing them. Developing stamina is important so that a good round of golf isn’t ruined because of fatigue on the last few holes.

After rowing 5 minutes to warm up, row faster for 25 seconds (note your pace), and then row at a constant pace for a minute and 35 seconds to relax. Repeat these intervals, keeping the pace for each 25 second interval the same as the first.

Visualization Exercise

Golf requires you to turn all your body motion into a smooth “video clip.” You do this by visualizing yourself making a perfect swing and being aware of that feeling. You must have the ability to trust and let go and believe that you can do the motion naturally.

While rowing, visualize making perfect strokes. Let your mind relax and just row, and then check your splits on the performance monitor. You'll be surprised by how fast you are going!

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