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Rowing for Motocross (MX)

Motocross athletes are always looking for a better way to train. The traditional cross-training method for motocross has been running, and while it may be easy to do, all that pounding can be hard on the knees and shins. Many motocross athletes, like Travis Pastrana, have discovered that the Concept2 Indoor Rower is the ultimate cross-training tool for MX.

When you use the indoor rower, you get an intense cardiovascular workout while conditioning your upper and lower body. Weighing under 70 pounds and featuring a quick-separation mechanism in the middle, the indoor rower is both convenient and portable. Combine that with providing a killer workout and it’s easy to see why it’s a great piece of equipment for all MX athletes.


Andrew Short on his Model E

Concept2 is honored that many top supercross and motocross racers choose the indoor rower as a tool to keep them at the top of their sport.

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