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Introducing Ergathlon

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Mar 22, 2019

Athlete rowing an ErgathlonWe are excited to announce that the latest PM5 firmware update includes Ergathlon—a workout option that combines the RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg.

With Ergathlon, you can connect up to three different ergs into one workout. As you transition from one erg to the next, the results are combined to give you your final time. Transition times count! Like racing, you can join the monitors together with Ethernet cables for the best connectivity, however, the wireless function in the PM5 can also be used. We recommend using cables if any of the PM5s have an entirely silver logo (a Version 1 PM5). You will also need to use cables if doing more than one Ergathlon in the same room.

Here's how to set up an Ergathlon:

  1. Update your firmware to add Ergathlon to your PM5.
  2. Once you have updated the firmware, go to the erg you want to start on, and select Select Workout > New Workout > Special > Ergathlon > Create Ergathlon.
  3. Choose one of the following pre-programmed options:
    • Super Sprint: 500m ski, 1000m bike, 500m row
    • Sprint: 2000m ski, 4000m bike, 2000m row
    • Middle Distance: 5000m ski, 10,000m bike, 5000m row
    • Endurance: 10,000m ski, 20,000m bike, 10,000m row
  4. Go to the next erg you want to use and on the monitor select Games > More Games > Ergathlon, but then choose Join Ergathlon. If you have a third machine, repeat this step again. Once you have your ergs set up, go back to the first one, and press Start Ergathlon. You’re off!

The order of machines on which you complete your Ergathlon is up to you, but you do need to follow the order in which you set them up. For example, if you set up the Ergathlon on your SkiErg PM5 first, followed by the BikeErg PM5, then the RowErg PM5, you will need to complete each leg in that order.

You can complete an Ergathlon with just two machines, or you can row, ride, row, etc., if desired. You can also only use each machine once, so if you do want to "row, ride, row," you'll need to use two different indoor rowers. However, for ranking purposes, you must complete the Ergathlon using one erg of each type.

When you finish, the first erg will display your results for each leg and the total Ergathlon time, including transition time. You can use Ergathlon with our free ErgData app, which makes it easy to transfer your results to your Concept2 Online LogBook. You just need to connect ErgData to the first monitor on which you set up your Ergathlon. You can also upload Ergathlon results using a USB stick and the Concept2 Utility version 7.09 or later.

We've also started an Ergathlon ranking as well, so once you've finished your first one, make sure you upload it to the Logbook and be among the first to get it ranked!

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