Known Issues | Concept2

Known Issues


Installation: On some Windows computers, the installation process will seem to 'disappear' and not have done anything. This is an unresolved issue with InstallShield. If this occurs, please wait; it will likely reappear and continue the installation process. The wait time can take up to 15 minutes. This applies to all versions of Windows.

Polar Users: Polar WebSync (software used to transfer data from Polar products to the web service) prevents the Concept2 Utility from communicating with PM3s and PM4s. If WebSync is running before the Concept2 Utility is launched, the Concept2 Utility will continue to show the PM as not being connected to the computer (even when it is) until WebSync is closed. Close WebSync, and the Concept2 Utility will immediately begin communicating with the PM3 or PM4.

Calorie Workouts on Legacy Concept2 Utility Versions: A revamped version of the Concept2 Utility, Version 7, was released in July 2016. This version supports calorie-based workouts. Concept2 Utility 6.992 and earlier DO NOT support calorie based workouts and will delete them from your monitor or USB flash drive. If you are running an older version of the Concept2 Utility, we recommend upgrading.

Version 7.08.4 Known Issues

Issue 1

Concept2 Utility will ‘break’ or crash if you have more than 2048 workouts on a USB Flash Drive. A future release will address this issue.

Version 7.02.17 Known Issues

Issue 1

Using the Concept2 Utility on Windows computers with the DPI set higher than 125% may result in the Concept2 Utility window not fitting on the screen. Resolution: Adjust the DPI setting to a lower number, such as 100% or 125%.

Issue 2

When uploading results to an online logbook, setting machine type and weight class may affect SkiErg results. The machine type and weight class settings are intended for results done on an indoor rower, not a SkiErg; however, some selections on the machine type/weight class screen cause the utility to mark the corresponding S, D and LWT checkboxes for SkiErg results. SkiErg results uploaded with these boxes incorrectly checked will also be incorrect in the online logbook.

A future release will address this issue. In the meantime, ensure that the S, D, and LWT checkboxes are NOT checked prior to uploading any SkiErg results.