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PM3 Troubleshooting

Battery Issues


  • Your Performance Monitor (PM) is warning you that the batteries are too low, but you think the batteries are OK.
  • You’re using D cell batteries in your PM, and the battery life seems short.

Resolution 1

This resolution applies to PMs installed on the following equipment:

  • Model D Indoor Rower
  • Model E Indoor Rower
  • Dynamic Indoor Rower
  • SkiErg

Take the following steps to determine whether the problem is with the generator cable or the battery.

Note: This procedure will not work for the combination of a PM5, hardware version 500–599, and Firmware Version 20/720. Please see this known issue for more information and alternatives, or update your monitor to Firmware Version 22/722 or higher.

  1. Remove all batteries from the PM.
  2. Ensure the “tach” (generator) cable is plugged in firmly and all the way.
  3. Row/ski hard on your machine.
    • If the PM comes on and stays on while you are rowing/skiing, then at least part of the generator is working. Proceed to step 4.
    • If the PM does not come on, then generator cable needs to be replaced, and you can stop following this diagnostic procedure.
  4. Install fresh D cell batteries in the PM. The PM should power up.
  5. Set the language and date (the year, at minimum).
  6. From the Main Menu:
    • (PM5 Only) Select More Options > Utilities > More Utilities > Product ID.
    • (PM3 or PM4 Only) Select More Options > Utilities > Product ID.
  7. Look at the Model type. Make sure it is set to D or D/E.
  8. If using a PM4, look at the firmware version and ensure your PM is running the most current version. If you have old firmware, the rechargeable battery will not work at all after a while. Your PM4 will work fine after updating the firmware and fully charging the battery pack.
  9. Press Menu or Menu | Back until you reach the Main Menu.
  10. Select Just Row/Ski.
  11. Start rowing/skiing:
    • If the numbers begin counting, then the generator appears to be working. Proceed to step 12.
    • If the numbers do not begin counting, stop this diagnostic procedure and replace the generator before proceeding.
  12. Stop, press Menu or Menu | Back while the flywheel is still spinning, and wait for 30–60 seconds. If you receive a low battery message, stop this diagnostic procedure and replace the generator.
  13. If using a PM4, remove the D cell batteries and install the rechargeable battery pack.
  14. If using a PM4, plug the PM into a USB port of a computer overnight to charge battery. Note: Concept2 recommends turning off your computer’s Hibernate or Sleep modes; otherwise, you may not get a good charge.

Resolution 2

This resolution applies only to monitors in use with Model A, B, or C Indoor Rowers.

Under normal circumstances, a set of Alkaline D cell batteries should last in a PM3 or PM4 for about 350 hours of operational time, and about 200 hours of operational time in a PM5. If you find this is not the case, take the following steps:

  1. Check your firmware version: From the Main Menu:
    • (PM5 Only) Select More Options > Utilities > More Utilities > Product ID.
    • (PM3 or PM4 Only) Select More Options > Utilities > Product ID.

    Running the latest version of the firmware may extend the life of batteries, as newer firmware uses the microprocessor more efficiently.

  2. Observe the performance monitor after rowing/skiing. The monitor should turn off within six minutes of the time you stop rowing (except when plugged into a computer, using PM4 racing, or during certain types of intervals). If it is not turning off within that timeframe, please contact Concept2 for assistance.
  3. Check the battery level: On the Main Menu select More Options > Utilities > Battery. Once the battery level gets down to about 80%, the battery percentage should not go down by more than 1% per day. If it does, there is probably damage to the circuit board and the unit should be replaced. In a health club, the most likely cause of this is spraying the monitor with cleaning chemicals.