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PM3 Troubleshooting

Dead Monitor/Vertical or Horizontal Black Lines


The monitor does not come on at all or only shows a few vertical or horizontal black lines.

Resolution 1 (Does not apply to D cell batteries)

Fully recharge the battery pack using a computer:

  1. Ensure that the battery pack is installed in your PM. This resolution does not apply if you are using two D cell batteries in your PM. D cell battery users should proceed to Resolution 2.
  2. Power up the computer if it is off.
  3. Connect your PM to the computer with the USB cable that came with your monitor. The PM should power up within 10 seconds of connecting it to your computer. If this does not happen, press
    Menu | Back on the PM. If the PM still does not power up, proceed to Resolution 2.
  4. Leave the PM connected to the computer for eight hours or overnight. Your computer must remain on for the recharge to occur.

Resolution 2

Perform a full monitor reset.

Warning: Depending on the age of your monitor, resetting the monitor may delete all workout data from the PM Memory; workout data stored on a LogCard will not be deleted. Additionally, following a reset, you may need to re-program your monitor with the correct language, and the current date and time.

To perform a full monitor reset:

  1. Remove both D cell batteries or the battery pack from the monitor.
  2. Leave the batteries/battery pack out of the monitor overnight.
  3. Re-install the battery pack. If you are using batteries, install two fresh D cell batteries.

If the problem persists, the PM must be replaced.