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PM3 Troubleshooting

Known Issues

If you find a problem with the PM3 firmware that is not listed below, please email so we can research it. Please tell us exactly what you were doing, what you observed, and what you expected to happen.

If you need help determining which list applies to your monitor, check your firmware version. Generally, if no resolution is listed for an older version of firmware, updating your firmware to the current version will resolve the issue.

Known Issues for Firmware Versions 303–311

Versions 310–311

There are no known issues for Versions 310 or 311 at this time.

Version 309

Symptom: Diagnostics start running unexpectedly.
Resolution: Upgrade to PM3 Firmware Version 310.

Versions 303–308

Issue 1: Error code 573-1 may occur when powering up the performance monitor.
Resolution 1: Update your PM3 firmware.

Issue 2: The PM3 flickers, fades, or shuts off when connected to a Mac that has HP printer/scanner or some other HP device software installed on it. If you are not sure whether you have HP device software installed on your computer, please email for assistance.
Resolution 2: This issue is resolved in PM3 Firmware Version 306 Beta 1 and higher. Update your firmware.

Important: To successfully install the firmware, you will need to use either a Windows PC or a Mac that does not have the HP software installed on it. If you do not have access to another PC or Mac, you will need to uninstall the HP software to allow for the PM3 update. To uninstall the HP software, use the uninstall link for the HP software under Applications, or contact HP for instructions. You may reinstall the HP software after updating the PM3.

Known Issues for Firmware Versions 105 and Lower

Version 105

There are no known issues for Version 105 at this time.

Version 104

Issue: When accessing certain Information and Help screens, the monitor may display error code 42 or higher.
Resolution: Update your firmware. Until you are able to update the firmware, press Menu | Back to return to the previous screen and continue using the monitor.

Version 101

Issue 1: An infinite loop and/or a 44–94 error may occur when the following conditions are true:

  • The monitor is on a "Just Row/Just Ski" workout
  • The workout duration has just passed the two hour mark
  • The monitor is showing the "All Numbers" workout view (the view that appears when you press the top grey button on the right of the monitor face during a workout)
  • A LogCard is present in the monitor

If a LogCard is not present but the first three conditions are true, the monitor may present an infinite loop error and appear to reset, but will actually continue logging the workout.

Issue 2: If your PM3 is connected to a computer via the USB cable, and you stop rowing/skiing during a time interval of a variable interval workout (you must have stopped rowing/skiing long enough for there to be a period of inactivity on the PM3), the PM3 terminates the workout but does not return to the Main Menu.

Version 97

Issue 1: There have been rare reports of LogCards being inserted and being formatted, because the PM3 thinks that the LogCard is a factory fresh card. Version 101 has added a prompt before formatting cards.

Issue 2: LogCard corruption may occur when using third party software such as RowPro.

Issue 3: Aborted Variable workouts do not correctly log results to the LogCard.

Issue 4: Error 137–84 occurs when deleting the first user on a LogCard with multiple users.

Issue 5: The Add User and Edit User screens contained bugs.

Issue 6: A few issues with Venue Racing are present.

Issue 7: Various screen formatting issues are present.

Issue 8: PM3 Firmware Version 97 is not compatible with the Concept2 Utility Version 6.10. If you are planning to use your PM3 to interact with the Concept2 Utility Version 6.10, you will need to upgrade your PM3 to PM3 Firmware Version 101 or above.

Version 90

Issue 1: Variable interval workouts with no rest record the date incorrectly
Occasionally, variable interval workouts with no rest time will record the results on your LogCard with the next day's date. The problem occurs only with variable intervals with zero rest.

Issue 2: Error 65 occurs while trying to set up a workout
The PM3 workout setup screens erroneously allow you to set up a short time workout with a split time that is greater than the workout duration (that is, a 0:20 workout with a 1:00 split). This results in an Error 65. To avoid this error, ensure that the split time is not greater than the overall workout time.

Issue 3: After updating to V90 or V92 firmware, the PM3 date advances.
In some instances, the PM3 date advances one day following a firmware update to V90 or V92. If you have updated the firmware on your PM3 to V90 or V92, please check the PM3 date following the update to ensure the date is set correctly.

Version 82

Issue 1: Version 82 is NOT compatible with RowPro version 1.6 and below. RowPro 1.7 will support version 82. For more information about RowPro 1.7 please go to

Issue 2: If you use the "List by Type" function to display your LogCard data or to select a workout to ReRow, and you continue to row while the PM3 is sorting the data on your card, the PM3 may display an error message. Removing and reinserting the LogCard will resolve the problem.

Issue 3: The Concept2 Utility versions 1.11 and below may not work with Version 82. You may need to upgrade to a newer version of the Concept2 Utility.

Issue 4: If a LogCard reaches 100% full, there is an issue with the PM3 that may cause loss of the last workout logged and possible corruption of other data on the card. This may render some or all of the data on the LogCard unrecoverable. To avoid this problem, we suggest you get a new LogCard when the LogCard you are using indicates that it is 95% full.

Version 61

Issue 1: If you do one of the following during an interval workout, you may experience incorrect interval numbering and incorrect data saved to memory or LogCard:

  • Pause for more than six seconds during the work interval and then continue to row
  • Stop rowing before the end of a time interval
  • Start to row more than six seconds after the start of a work

To avoid problems using interval workout formats, continue to row at all times throughout the work intervals.

Issue 2: 240 and 39 errors
An error code 39 may appear when you are trying to access information from your LogCard. This is an indication that data on the LogCard has been corrupted.

Occasionally, the PM3 has trouble communicating with a LogCard. This happens very infrequently, but it can occur on any version of PM3 software. Concept2 is investigating this but no root cause has of the trouble has been determined. At this point the PM3 will report a 240 error. To enable the card to communicate again, remove and reinsert the card.

A few workouts after a 240 error is encountered the PM3 may report a 39-4 error when using the LogCard List By Date feature. Other LogCard features may also result in a 39-xxx error. This is an indication that there is a problem with the data on the LogCard. In most cases, workouts continue to be logged to the LogCard but cannot be reviewed by the user.

To fix a LogCard with 39-xxx error problems, upgrade to the newest version of the Concept2 Utility. Cards with only one user will be repaired automatically; multi-user cards will require a small amount of assistance from the user. Once the card is fixed, all the workouts should be available both on the PM3 and in a spreadsheet file on the PC.

Concept2 recommends upgrading to the newest version of PM3 firmware. This version will not prevent a 240 error. If a 240 error is encountered while logging your workout to the LogCard, the PM3 will display a prompt asking you to remove the LogCard. At this point the card should be undamaged and the workout can be found in the PM3 memory. The card can be reinserted, and the workout can be copied from Memory to the LogCard.

Issue 3: When setting up a PaceBoat using calories, the PaceBoat is not set correctly when the workout begins. You can set the pace using pace units (pace per 500m) or watts units. Once the workout has begun, the units can accurately be displayed as calories using the Change Units button on the PM3.

Issue 4: This issue relates only to the retrofit PM3 for Model C ergs. The stroke output can exhibit erratic numbers that are obviously incorrect. The output can be extraordinarily high or low from stroke to stroke.

Issue 5: If a LogCard reaches 100% full, an issue is present in the PM3 which may cause loss of the last workout logged and possible corruption of other data on the card. This may render some or all of the data on the LogCard unrecoverable. To avoid this problem we suggest you get a new LogCard when the LogCard you are using indicates 95% full.